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Dean Deakyne Bio:

Visual Effects Artist / 3D Instructor / Tattoo Artist

​Starting his artistic endeavor in 1982, Dean Deakyne has been tattooing for well over three decades now. Early in his career he was heavily involved in the tattoo circuit which led to a rapid advancement of his skills. In the early 1990’s Dean was one of the innovators for that tattoo explosion and was considered to be in the top fifty tattoo artist in the world at that time.

He eventually moved to Southern California and opened two tattoo studios (Sick & Twisted Productions and Orange County Ink). Deciding to further the advancement of his art, he left the studios behind to pursue new artistic endeavors at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood California. Only attending Gnomon for one semester the owner and founder Alex Alvarez knew of Dean’s work and hired him as a resident artist at The Gnomon Workshop. During his time, there he created the first of its kind Instructional DVD’s for the professional tattoo industry.

After completing school at Gnomon, he teamed up with a fellow artist Meats Meier to work on a couple of music videos for the band Pucifer (The singer of the band Tool’s side project). Once the videos were completed he then went into the film and television industry as a visual effects artist. Dean landed his first film job “Watchman” at the company EntityFX. Only hired for the one film the company quickly saw the value in his abilities. The one gig led into a six-year career at EntityFX until Dean went into teaching. Starting his teaching career at Art Center of Pasadena, he was the first person to teach Zbrush and Maya at the University. Dean eventually took a full-time faculty position at Wilmington University as the lead 3D instructor for (Video Motion Graphics, Visual Effects for Film & TV, Video Game Design, and Graphic Design). He stayed at the University for over four years, and acquired his Bachelor’s Degree “B.S. Visual Effects and Video Motion Graphics” while teaching at WilmU.

Dean and his wife Tina are once again living in Hollywood California and he is once again back in the film industry as a VFX Generalist. He will soon get back involved in education, but for the time being VR/AR “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality” are his main focus.

 Dean has won numerous Domestic and International tattoo awards and has been featured in newspapers, television and magazines world-wide. Dean has also worked on music videos, feature film and television shows as a visual effects artist/ Maya generalist. His credits include Watchmen, A Law-Abiding Citizen, Twilight Breaking Dawn PT 1, Thor Ragnarok, Pucifer's Queen B music video, and TV shows (Terminator the Sarah Conner Chronicles, Vampire Diaries, Smallville The Originals, American Gods, and Eastwick).

Dean is currently working by appointment only...

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